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Well, I guess it's pretty self-explanatory since I have not uploaded ANYTHING on this site for ages. Feel free to go "duh" if you'd like.

But just thought you should know, I currently am not playing World of Warcraft nor do I have time for it, and from the overwhelming response on WoW art (or well, rather the screenshot montages really is the most popular stuff) it feels like if my heart isn't in WoW any longer I don't see any reason to keep using this site since I guess that's what is expected of this username here.

Also I am such a split personality on which field I want to work in (gamedesigner, webdesign, flash, Unity and four game-ideas I want to work on) with that broken self-esteem that has come from working with great people that can whip up a conceptart in one minute flat; art is simply not coming to me easily. However it goes without saying that I'm enjoying other parts of gamedevelopment instead, and working with projects and hopes for the future with people who shares the same belief.

So until I can get that drive back for doing art extensively (and I most definitively will, at some point) I'll just say thanks for visiting this page and I hope you enjoy your stay in Azeroth :p

Have a great summer! For those who want to chat my MSN is 'mackan_134hotmail', and since a lot of friends have come from playing World of Warcraft and the modding-scene (a guy that goes by the user name Shell I have been chatting with almost daily for three years) I just want to throw it out there just in case.

//Markus Lundberg / Andrige
Fazar Featured By Owner May 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think a lot of people are getting past WoW at this point. Could just be me, but yeah.
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