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April 10, 2005
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Borderwatch by Triggerman Borderwatch by Triggerman

The project I have been working on for so long is finally "submit-worthy", which I started about a month before last years christmas.
It was drawn digitally from scratch, using no references than my imagination on Photshop 7.0 on my laptop, done in my freetime and late evenings when I was actually supposed to do my homework :D I haven't really got to finish it detailwise to perfection, since my laptop couldn't handle the big size I worked this baby on, 2678x3627... it really crippled my laptop. Adding the last details was too long loading process to do under one evening.
However, my laptop screen differed from an usual monitor, so I delayed it for a long time before getting the colours right. (Sorry about that)

For people who have the same laptop as I, Dell Latitude 100L, you can go here for better colours: [not submitted yet]

The long project was fun and learning. But it eventually ended up eating up my tablet pen, so I probably have to buy a new one in the near future. I like critique, so go ahead and make use of your heads if you are commenting!
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ThundersSilence Dec 27, 2005  Professional Artisan Crafter
i have to agree that the posture/ anatomy seems a bit strange, but i think you did a great work on the textures. the wood, metal and fur looks really good in my opinion
It almost seems like his body is going in two different directions. Like his head and torso are going to the left and this arms and legs are going straight forward towards the viewer.

But I love the detail on the axe, that is so pretty...
Mmm...yeah, the anatomy is kinda fucked up. Back when I did the first sketch last year I should have done some major changes to it. But to be honest I think it looks quite okay, except that his head looks like a bear's and that nothing on his body indicates that he is actually turning. And I appreciate the fact that you like the axe, since it was actually not even near done imo, it's very blurry and doesn't have any sharpness like everything else I've done on the picture. If you look at the part where the axe is connected to the pole, it's just coloured and no shadings whatsoever.

I might rework it sometime, so comments like yours is helpful.
Thanks for your comment. :)
Hatworks Jul 29, 2005
the detail. detail!!!!!

More like WoWoWoWoWoW, damn am I hooked on to that game!

Thanks for your comment! :D
Alltså fy fan markus!! *Skriker*: FY FAN I HELVETESS JÄVLA FANS HELVETE VA JÄVLA SEPE BEGÅVAD DU ÄR!! .. jag är som bara en liten mus.. i jämförelse... :please: .. ergh.. *harkel* .. :blush: hehe. Nejmen seriöst, jag är typ SÅ imponerad, jag kommer lungt att visa den här för alla och säga: "Kolla! Det är MIN bästa kompis som har gjort den där!" *skit stolt* Jätte super snygg, och det syns att du har lagt ner så mycket jobb på den så att en annan skulle kräkas, jag fattar inte hur du kunnat gjort den från scratch.

ehe, deviant art har dom bästa smilisarna... :picknose:

Jag är typ i chock. Tackartackar så mycket för jämförelsen (även om den kanske var inte så liiiite självkritiskt mot dig, men jag kan ju ha fel :D) Tjaow, jag har andra arbeten på G, kommer väl snart upp med fler skulle jag tro så fort jag får tillbaka elsladden till min laptop (grr, den är borta, jag kommer inte kunna jobba!). Samt, hur je re i Sunne rå? Allt bra? Och hur går det med hemsidan din? :)

///Muber one.

(PS. Du har så rätt angående smilies...*mmm*....:headbang:)
:iconopeth-sweden: in W.O.W...hehe. It turned out great! Men Markus, du ljuger ju...du använde din stationära!!! Shame on you!
Eh, eller inte! Jag gjorde bilden på lappen, och sen så fixade jag färgerna (bara inställningar) på station. Mµli!

Thanks for the comment :D
Knappast! Jag vägrar, noooooooooooo! Men jag hade då för mig det...shoot me!
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